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The Most Important Person in a Reading..You!

Posted by Apo on January 1, 2008

I don’t like to read the cards to myself. I usually ask a friend to do it for me or I just use an other reference to interpret the cards. My favorite right now is to pull out a number of cards asking a question and then look my friend Kapherus card meanings on his site: http://cartomancy.wordpress.com/ to see whats up. Readers have a tendency to miss the interpretation regarding their own questions and future, why is this? The same as most doctors do, they don’t check out their own test results, they are all prone to interpret them in a positive and “all is good” manner, since no one likes to see bad things coming their way. Same thing happens with Readers, who will gladly see misfortune in his path? Some are able to give themselves a reading with a cold calmed head. To me its not that easy. You may ask, why is he saying all of this? well, as I said before, you can read for yourself indirectly, either using someone else interpretations and also, your clients/querent’s cards, which is the topic of discussion.

 There are several ways to see yourself in your querent’s cards. After all, everything in the querent life, past, present and future is always reflected in each draw, you just have to know how to find it and see it.

 I wish to start with The Sibilla Oracle cards deck, which is the easiest when it comes to this topic.

 One of the cards on this deck is called “Important Revelation” there’s an image of a woman sitting on her chair with a gentleman, probably in the military, he is writing down what she’s saying. This card is “the readers card”, it represents You inside the querent’s reading, which can be used in 2 different ways:

The first this allows you to see your own future reflected on the querent’s cards, since to me, cards work due to synchronicity, so the cards are tuned to the flow of events surrounding the querent which of course includes You!, the reader is never a passive observant, distant from the cards, you are involved in the process of interpretation and also everything that has happened to you that led you to that moment and place where you are using the cards. So why exclude yourself?.

Now, how does this work? the same way it works for the querent. There’s a significator card and you start reading from it. One could think ” This reading is not about me, its about the querent ” yes , true, but as a friend of mine says. “You cant cast a love spell for someone else if you are interested in getting rid of your current partner”. And also, as you read, sometimes you find that you have common experience with the querent, maybe you wont win the lottery together or get fired, but sometimes when you are comprehending a persons emotional situation you can see that you are in the same situation or that you have experienced it before. There is a synchronicity and connection with the querent, you can’t provide answer for things you ignore.

 The purpose of this personal peek into one’s life or future using another as a medium isn’t for selfish reasons, “The Important Revelation” wont always show up in a reading, unless you are using the 52 cards in the spread. So when it does, not only will the querent  receive important news, you need to see something too, the cards work both ways.

Now the second use for this card is to see what will become of your reading. Some times the querents are little cooperative or very stubborn, this card will help you see the evolution of your prediction, what will become of it, not only what’s sure to happen ( no reading is perfect) but what actions will the querent take after the reading regarding what was said and how is your interpretation being taken, surrounded by negative cards like “Fright” or “Enemy” mean that the querent doesn’t believe you or is going to obsess about what you have said, in that case you can choose to relax knowing its not you that’s screwing up, but the client that chooses to disbelieve what you are saying or also advice the person to take it with ease and not become haunted by the reading. So they wont “preoccupy” but “occupy”.  



5 Responses to “The Most Important Person in a Reading..You!”

  1. kapherus said

    Hi Apo,

    Great post! In all of my years of working with the cards, I have never thought to read myself in the querent’s cards. It makes perfect sense that the connection between reader and querent would have to be reflected in the cards. I guess I just never occurred to me to actively utilize the information.

    I seems to me that if you’re using a significator to represent yourself such as ‘Important Revelation,’ you could even pick up things for yourself that are different from what you pick up for the querent. Sort of the way you could read separate information for the man and woman represented in the full Lenormand layout.

    I’m definitely going to try this! Since I read most often with playing cards, I’ll need to figure out a significator to represent myself….maybe the 9 of Diamond. Any other suggestions? Have you tried this with playing cards?

    I’ve also never thought of was reading the client’s reaction to the reading. Of course this information would have to be there in the cards. Sometimes a card will clue me in on whether or not the querent will follow the advice of the cards, and I’ll share that with them, but I’ve never actually looked for this information. I think this part of it could be very useful in understanding how to approach the querent.

    You’ve given me some new ideas here to play with here!


    PS Thanks for the plug! 🙂

  2. 104etal said

    Hey there Kapherus!

    Thank you for checking out my blog!

    I like the idea of using the 9 of diamonds. Not only because it represent mental energy and that’s where most of the work is when reading the cards, It represents someone that’s thinking about the querent, which fits a reader who is concentrating in the client’s/querent’s situation and finally but not less important its the card of service to the crown, maybe most readers aren’t governmental officers but they do provide a service for the querent.

    Maybe the jack of clubs fits in too he is “the advisor”. One could also say its the 6 of diamonds since its related to counseling, information and the capacity to see beyond whats obvious (x-rays, electronic comunicacion and visual technology). I think the real answer in here is to choose the card that describes the most what you think card reading is. I like the 6 of Diamonds, someone else could choose the 5 of diamonds, which adds the use of the hand plus the service, energy and karmic law connotations.


  3. kapherus said


    Yes, I think the 6D or JC could work well too. Maybe I’ll keep all three cards in mind since one or another may fall in any particular spread, and it will increase the odds of being able to read myself in the querent’s cards.

    I’ll let you know how this works out for me.


  4. willow said

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