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The Most Important Person in a Reading…You! (II)

Posted by Apo on January 3, 2008

Hello My Friends.

 This is the follow up of a previous post with the same name. In this post I’m going to continue talking about seeing yourself in a clients/querents cards. (for more information check the previous post)

As I mentioned in the first post, The “Sybila Oracle Cards” also know as “Parlour Sybil” are the ones that give it out the easiest when it comes to looking at yourself in your querents cards. Unfortunately, the Sibilla Della Zingara deck isn’t as helpful on this. I think there’s no card that I can relate directly to the reader. Perhaps, as I was mentioning to my friend and fellow Reader Kapherus in a reply to a comment he made on the  previous  post, the proper card for “the reader” when there is none specific should be the card you think  comes closer to your own conception on what a card reader or card reading is. Perhaps you see yourself as a “Messaggiere” a “Dottore” or maybe the “Giovanetta” since shes carrying a book (deck of cards) in her hands, a medicinal pouch hanging down her dress, next to a fountain that means psychic flow, or even the “Vecchia Signora” who’s sitting down with a book (deck of cards) on her hands, next to a mirror for scrying. It will all come down to how you interpret the cards and what you see in them. Other options for a card session would be ” La Conversazione” or “Riunione“, both englobe the circumstances that surround a reading. I choose not to seek for a “Readers card”, I feel I’m not supposed to with this deck.

 Even thou I don’t find a “Readers card”, I do believe you can use the “Fortuna” card when you wish to see how will the future develop, if you are being paid attention to, what will the seeker/client/querent do with the information given etc. Another interesting card on this deck is “Il Pensiero” this card is father time, It will hint you on the speediness of the things you predict, using  the closeness, position and distance between the cards will tell you when and how the events will occur, take it as a plus card, that gives out info to confirm or be more specific on certain facts. Close to a fast card like ” Viaggio” or “Disgrazia” will mean a promptly resolution or development of events, while “I Deliranti”  means you are to expect certain tardiness since unexpected events fluctuate the flow of the situation, and “Letterato” signifies the seeker needs to think it over and resolve something related to the question before it comes to pass, since its not its time yet. I will add further information on the possibilities when we cover Time.   



2 Responses to “The Most Important Person in a Reading…You! (II)”

  1. kapherus said

    Hey Apo,

    You read my mind! I was thinking yesterday, after I had comment on your previous post the other day, which card would represent the reader in the Italian Zingara–specifically Sibilla della Zingara which is my favorite.

    Yes, I would agree that Giovanetta and Vecchia Signora would work nicely. Particularly Vecchia Signora since I always associate the symbolism in this card with the Tarot High Priestess. The problem for me though, is that I can’t help but think of these cards as female significators. So I think they would be the perfect choice for a female reader, but I have a little trouble relating to them for myself. On the other hand, intuition is considered a feminine quality, and would seem best represented by a female significator. So I’m kind of up in the air right now about it.

    I do like the idea of using Messanggiere since he brings news, and also Letterato which almost seems to be a female counterpart to Vecchia Signora. Dottore or Sacerdote would work great too.

    I guess it just boils down to choosing a significator you’re most comfortable with, and using it consistently.

    I like the choice of Fortuna to represent the how the querent will utilize the information in the reading. Your other suggestions make sense as well, but for some reason this card really clicks for me.

    I’m very interested to hear how you approach timing in a sibilla reading. I have never explored that aspect with these cards.

    Interesting as always!

  2. Mari Lopes said

    Hi Apo!

    Thanks for visiting my blog :). Feel free to write to me in Spanish, as i can read it well – however, i’ll have to reply to you in English, because my Spanish-writing sucks. Hehehehe. Too many years without studying :/
    The number methods i used is a mix between the one Ana Cortez teaches in her book (you should check ‘The Playing Card Oracles’ out by the way, it’s very interesting, both the book and the deck!) and my own view on numerology applied to cartomancy. You are right, it’s a good idea to make a post about it, thanks for the suggestion!

    Your blog is very nice too! I know the Sybila cards; unfortunately, i do not own the deck. I’ll look for it in my next trip 🙂

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