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The Most Important Person in a Reading…You! (III)

Posted by Apo on January 3, 2008

Finding yourself in Tarot its even more complicated than with the Sibilla della Zingara deck. Most major arcana are related to magic and mysticism, so its hard to pick out which one is the card reader. If i had to pick one out, I would choose the magician, but it all comes down to personal choice. 

That’s why in these cases you can use a very particular spread that covers all of your querents questions and also allows you to see yourself and the future of your reading. 

The Astrological Wheel spread. This layout not only covers all of the querents possible questions,  it also enables you to see anything you wish to seek whether being asked or not.  You just need to know where to find it. I will expand the information on the wheel in a different post.

 There’s a technic employed by some astrologers to obtain more information on certain topics inside the astrological wheel, its called turned houses. For example, if the 2nd house rules money matters and the 7th house rules matrimony , then the 8th house being the second house of the 7th is the money of your wife or husband. And so forth. this is extremely useful in card readings, since it allows you to see further into the information the cards are providing. You want to see how your brother is doing on his job?, you look at the 8th house , since its the 6th house (job) of the 3rd house (brothers and sisters). You just have to turn the houses and you keep on getting more and more info.

 Now how is this related to the topic?, well , the 11th house is the house of advisers, protectors, hopes and wishes, and also the future.  There for you can see yourself and the evolution of your predictions using that house as the first house.

Its actually a lot more complicated than that. Not only can you see the future from the 11th house and forth, you can see the 11th house of each other house and it will also say what will be.

An other option to see yourself would be looking for the 4th house, since its the 11th house of the 6th house. The 6th house rules the people that work for you., and the 11th house is the future and the adviser’s, The reader work for the querent, so you could fin the reader in that house. It all depend on how you see things and how you conceive the houses and its contents.

 Its a very complicated spread, you just have to play with the different options and find what you think fits best to your interests.

Hope i dint confuse anyone, its very complex. I’m open to questions, or you can look for yourself information on turned houses, there’s some info on the web that might be helpful.



8 Responses to “The Most Important Person in a Reading…You! (III)”

  1. kapherus said

    Hi Apo,

    I think I’m following what you’re saying here. Let me know if I’m on the right track…

    I know that you can read the querent’s partner through the 7th house, so that the 7th House would be the partner’s first house, and the 8th house would be the partner’s 2nd house, etc., etc.

    So, the reader can read himself in the 11th house which would then be the reader’s first house. So if the reader wanted to see something for himself in the area of love for example which can appear in the 5th house, the querent’s 3rd house would correspond to the reader’s 5th house. Therefore by looking into the 3rd house, the reader could see his own 5th house.

    If that’s what you mean, Apo, I think the idea is absolutely brilliant!


  2. Apo said

    Yup! You got it right. The Querents 3rd house is the readers 5th House.

    I never seen anyone do this before online, so thats why I decided to add it in my blog. My tarot teacher who is also an astrologer taught it to me, since she likes to use the Astro wheel spread on her readings and works it back to front like an absolut pro, she can be scary.

    The original idea comes from Eudes Picard a french astrologer, Theres a book of his called ” Astrologie Judiciaire” where he explaints it all. I have my version in spanish, not sure how easy it will be to find it in english. The book is old, late 1800’s early 1900’s, but he tells you what goes in each house when turned. Hope you are able to find it. If not you can do it on your own.

    Its a great method, better when applied to cards if you ask me.


  3. kapherus said


    Thank you for sharing this great information. You’ve opened up a whole new area for me for working with the astro wheel spread. I particularly love this spread because it works great with just about any oracle cards.

    I do read Spanish, although I don’t speak or write it so well, so I’ll look for the book in Spanish if I can’t find it in English.


  4. Geena Tan said


    Am a newbie to tarot… I have not really read with this astrologer spread yet. However i understand that it is a good spread with lots of useful information to gather from..

    There is something i would like to add though… a friend of mine who shared this spread with me was telling me to look at the cards combination in “Triangle” relationship. Say if you are looking at the 1st house, you would also look at 4th & 10th house.

    Hopefully am adding some cents worth…


  5. Apo said

    Hi Geena

    Thank you for your Visit. Well it depends on what your friend is trying to do. The Astro Wheel Spread uses the same standars and rules that aply to astrology.

    So a true triangle in astrology is formed every 5 houses. Which would be the Trine aspect, which is one among the different aspect in astrology that are visible on the wheel.

    1st + 5th and 9th houses are the triangle of fire. Which has to do with self (1), action (5) and way of thinking (9).

    2nd + 6th + 10th are the triangle of Earth, which has to do with MOney/Earnings (2) , Job and labor (6) and Goals (10)

    3rd + 7th + 11th is the triangle of Air, Which rules bretherendadnd neighbours (3), Husbandry and associates (7) and finally Friends and advisors (11th)

    4th + 8th + 12th the triangle of Water. Ruling Family and home (4), Inheritance and death (8) and Hospitals and Prisons (12).

    But thats not all that you can find in each triangle or House. You can look it up on the internet, there are lots of websites on astrology that indicate the rulings of the houses.

    If yuo want to master the astro spread you need to know the astro wheel. You dont need to be an astrologer, just the comprehention of the wheel.

    Hope I was helpful. And thank you for your comment.


  6. Read said

    Hi Apo:

    What you are describing here is the horary method of astrology. To get further details on how to turn the chart, etc., just get a good book on horary astrology. There are several out. I use this method all the time for my readings. Clients always ask about children (you have to know who is the first child, the second, etc.).

    Also, make sure the book lists the meanings of the houses. “The Astrological Thesaurus: House Keywords” my Munkasey is very helpful. So is Rex Bills book.


  7. Apo said

    Thank you Read.

    Im very well versed on this method, I also use it oftenly, it was the one taught to me, my tarot teacher is also a brilliant astrologer.


  8. sandrar said

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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