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Posted by Apo on January 4, 2008

Hello My Friends

 As requested by Kapherus. I’m going to talk a bit on the prediction of time using the Sibilla della Zingara Deck.

When looking at the cards I cant find any correlation to specific dates like months or weeks or anything. If you wish to use your own playing card timing system, you just have to merge the date with the card that corresponds. I particularly don’t like specific dates, since I would end up relating months to card events and that dosent seem right in my head.  I rather time my reading, from the date up to to 6 months. 

But we all know people get anxious and wish to know when. So here’s a few guidelines I use so I can give the person some clarity when it comes to time or speed.

 As i mentioned before, To me “Il Pensiero” is father time, he dictates when will thing will occur, if such card isn’t present then feel free to improvise, using the surrounding cards, adding more cards that will give you a timing.

So far I have found the following. Many other cards don’t say when , they just say how. 

Vecchia Signora: it will come to pass slowly

Disgrazia: it will be quick and sudden.

 Belvedere: not too long after the reading, you will see it coming.

Viaggio: Its not a hasty card, but the querent will see results before the fifth month.

Allegria: Time is dictated by others.

Allegreza al cuore: It will happen continuously, the event will be open the whole time.

Ammalato: expect mild tardiness

Sospiri: long wait. Wont come easily.

Sacerdote and Militare: right on time.

Denari: its already here, right now.

Gran Consollazione: in the last minute.

Il Deliranti: ups and downs, it will take some time to take form.

Depending on the question it can be tricky. If someone ask, when will I find a new love interest ? and the “Militare” comes up,  right on time is not a proper answer. It could mean anything. But if you are expecting something ,then it will come when announced. If it wasn’t announced then it can be a problem.

The astro wheel Spread is also related to time. Some like to use the time span each sign covers to dictate time. I like to take the 1st house as January and 12th as December. You can also take the 1st house as the month you are doing the reading. The good thing about this is that you can count backwards and see the past, if you are on april (4th) then the card before (3rd) is march.

 Time can be difficult when it comes to card readings. After all, things change, one is only able to give a scope on whats to come. People have a right to change and manage their future.


3 Responses to “Time”

  1. kapherus said

    Hi Apo,

    Time is such a tricky business to predict, and I also try to avoid giving specific dates–months is usually as close as I’ll try to go with the playing cards.

    I’ve never tried to predict timing with the Sibilla, and I think your guidelines are great! I never thought of il pensiero as father time, but the hour glass and skull are a dead give away. 🙂

    Very much appreciated!

  2. serena2 said

    Hi Apo,

    I know that a lot of people read “Militare” as a whole year (because the military service in Italy lasted 1 year).
    Just wanted to tell you, personally I haven’t got enough experience to tell if it works.

    I hope to read other posts about sibilla decks and thank you for sharing.

  3. Apo said

    Hi Serena2

    Thank you for visiting my blog.

    That’s interesting. It probably works. Card meanings, specially on the sybilla, have to do with what the things represented on the card mean to you.

    A good example would be the card “Domestico” to some, being a servant is a lowly position in life. So they make it a bad card. To me it means getting help and i see it as a card with a positive outcome an easy solution to a question.

    Thank you for your comment!


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