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Location Location Location!

Posted by Apo on January 19, 2008

Hello! my friends 

Sibilla Cards to me aren’t about exploring the inner self or searching the meaning of life. In fact I consider then to be rather mundane and earthly. And since Earthly things happen in earthly places, then we need to know where we will encounter our future. 

So here’s a list of the places to be associated with each card. There are a few of which I’m not convinced yet, I’ll let you know which ones. I’m hoping to get your opinion on all of them and specially the ones I’m not sure about just yet.

The Significator cards for places are : Stanza and Casa. The cards that follow any of these 2 will indicate where.

Casa: Represents a building, edification or construction of some sort.

Stanza: Represents a place or space in particular.

 An example of this would be:

Stanza + Donna di Servizio = Kitchen

Casa + Donna di servizio = Restaurant

When you get the 2 of the together it means the following:

Stanza + Casa = Your House

Casa + Stanza = Your Room

Now the list of Places:

Cards like: Fortuna, Amore, Morte, Fedelta, Constanza and Speranza are abstract concepts. They have no place.

The 3rd card will always give more info.


1: Square, Public places, Convention center, Meeting Place

2: Luxurious Place, Beautiful.

3: Airport. (Q1 + F3 = Garage)

4: Friends house

5: ————- 

6: Place where you wish to go.

7: (with signs of travel) Hospice, Hostel, Inn, Hotel. Orphanage, Shelter.

8: CofeeShop, Tea Room.  

9: Nightclub, bar, discotheque.

10: Intersection, hallway, not a place itself but a transitory space. Waiting room. Lobby, Reception

11: Road, highway

12: Private Place, Country Club, Social Club, Restricted access.

13: Hospital, health care center.  ( F13 + C6 = Clinic ) 


1: Personal Space, Significator card.

2: Office, Cubicle, Desk.

3: Place Where you get invited to

4: Farm, Pet Store (??????????)

5: Field, Rural enviorment. 

6: College, University.

7: New Place, Kindergarten

8: Restaurant, Dinner. (Q8 + F2 = Fancy Restaurant)  (Q8 + 3F = Fast food)

                                                                                                (Q8 + F11 = Truck-stop).

9: “The Street” , Sidewalk

10: Slums. Bad part of town.  Q10 + F3 = Trailer park.

11: Public Services that you Hire. 

Q11 + Q8 Laundry             Q11 + F3 Travel Agency            Q11 + F10  Spa

Q11 + Q4 Veterinary         Q11 + Q7 DayCare                      Q11 + Q2 Cybercafe/Delivery  

Q11 + F2 Beautyparlour   Q11 + F11 Car Rental/Sale        Q11 + C7 Bookstore          

Q11 + C6 Bank                   Q11 + F3 + F13 = Autorepair   Q11 + C7 + Q13  Workshop 

12: Relatives

13: Market place.  Q1 + Q13 = Your cubicle or office.


1: River, Lake. (?????????)

2: Retirement Home, Historic Place, Familiar or Known. Old.

3: Cemetery, Funeral Home

4: Rehab, Treatment Center. 

5: ————–

6: Beach, Docks. 

7: Ruins, Abandoned, Destroyed, Bad shape.

8: Place that brings bad memories. Place of Sorrow.

9: Prison, Psychiatric institution.

10: Military base, Police Station, Fire Station, State Public Services. (P10 + C7 = library) 

11: Dangerous Place.

12: Uncomfortable place, Where you don’t wish to go or be.

13: Institutions, a Church, State Buildings, Court Houses. The 3rd card indicates which.


1: Party tent, Ballroom, Hall, Party-room, Amusement park. Places where you can celebrate. 

2: Building, Significator card. 

3: Movie theater, Touristic place, Viewpoint, Exposition.

4: ————–

5: Garden, parks.

6: Warehouse, Storehouse, Vault.

7: School or High-school.

8: ——————

9: —————–


11: Suburbs, Neighbourhood.

12: Place you own, 3rd card will indicate.

13: Museum, Gallery, Theater, Places of “Culture”

That’s My list of Places. Let me know what you think or anything you believe I missed, I’m open to suggestions. I didn’t add all the possible outcomes like: circus, morgue or the specifics like (P10 + F3 = Subway or Bus)  That I will probably add up later on.




3 Responses to “Location Location Location!”

  1. kapherus said

    Hi Apo,

    Wow! Excellent work here! I don’t see anything I would add, and all of your correspondences make perfect sense to me. Some of them are familiar to me because I’ve made the same intuitive connections in readings I’ve done, but other’s are new to me, and I’m excited to try them out in an actual reading.

    I would like to add a link from my introduction to the Sibilla to this page if you don’t mind?


  2. Apo said

    Hey Kapherus!

    Sure sure go ahead. Do as you please 🙂


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