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Sibilla Reference

Posted by Apo on January 20, 2008


I’m not that well versed in the history of the Sibilla. Thats why I asked my friend Kapherus if I could post a link to his Blog where he has a very nice introduction to the Sibilla oracle cards. Check it out:




5 Responses to “Sibilla Reference”

  1. serena2 said

    Hi Apo,

    I was wondering why I can’t access Kapherus’s blog ….
    Any idea?

  2. djenra said


    Great site, I am going to work with the timing and location info as well as the reader’s card and information within the Qurent’s reading.

    I am loving learning the Sibilla. What a great deck!

    Hi Serena, (waving) I am having the same problem and can’t get into Kapherus’ site. I am just going to be patient. Maybe Apo can get in and ask?

    Be Blessed,

  3. Apo said

    Hello Serena2 and Djenra

    Yes I been having problems with Kapherus blog too. Its some sort of glitch I think. I just emailed him now telling him about it. He will probably check it out tonight and soon it will all be ok.

    Thank you for your concern and thank you Djenra for your comment Im glad you found my site useful.


  4. serena2 said

    Thank you Apo,
    I hope it will work soon!

    by the way, I own a Sibilla deck since I was 20 but I was never able to do much with it, though I like the deck a lot.
    I really want to learn 🙂

  5. marielamolinax said

    Please! I need the meanings of the cards!

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