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Kapherus Blog Info!

Posted by Apo on January 23, 2008


My friend Kapherus is having some problem with his blog right now, that why most of you haven’t been able to access it. He will resolve the situation as soon as possible, I don’t know how quick it will be, hes not sure himself.  I’ll keep you guys infomed.

Kapherus Thanks you for your patience and concern.


This is Kapherus new contact site, its a forum. Much nicer than the blog. Join and Enjoy!




9 Responses to “Kapherus Blog Info!”

  1. Tarot Dame said

    Thanks for the update! I was wondering what happened to his site! 🙂

  2. serena2 said

    Thanks, Apo.


  3. marei said

    hi apo im wondering what happened to kapherus’s site.. i cant go to it any more

  4. 94stranger said

    Good on you, Apo. The forum looks sexy – his nibs is really motoring. (Do Americans have the charming expression ‘his nibs’?)

  5. 94stranger said

    P.S. Have you ever had a look at Rainring – if you like it, maybe you could put us on your blogroll?

  6. Apo said

    Hey 94stranger

    hahahaha you are the first person I met that calls things sexy, even thou they arent, just like me. Are you my missing twin?

    Ummmm I did peek at Rainring, but I would need to look more into it. I come from a family of psyquiatrits and psycoanalists so I have a very setted view on how things work.


  7. 94stranger said

    hi Apo,
    in that case, I don’t recommend Rainring – it’s nothing if not unsettling!

  8. luo said

    the link doesn’t work… uhm… server pobs?
    hope it’s sorted soon, cos i’m keen on excanging wit other peeps abt cartomany.
    i love sibilla cards but also lenormand…

    hope this will be updated soon.


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