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Good Day Everyone! Welcome to 104 Et al

Weird name huh?, let me explain. The name of this blog comes from my interest in the use and combination of the Sybil oracles decks “Sibilla Oracle Cards” also known as “Parlour Sybil” (the name changes depending on the publishing house)and the Sibilla della Zingara deck, both by Lo Scarabeo. http://loscarabeo.com/

These 2 decks fall under the category of Oracle cards, which is different to Tarot. What is the difference? While Tarot has  78 cards divided in Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. Sybil cards have a total of 52 cards, associated to the regular playing cards which also corresponds to the minor arcana in tarot . So if you add up the 2 decks you have a sum of 104 cards.

As you will notice some of the cards repeat themselves, for example both Zingara and Sibilla have a “Hope” card, their combinations will have a particular meaning depending on the context and the representation of the card, even thou they have the same name they aren’t drawn the same, which to me changes the significance of the card.

I don’t wish to force anyone to read the way I read. You don’t have to combine the 2 deck or even own the same decks that I use to take advantage of the information inside this blog. My interest is to exchange my interpretation of these 2 decks plus others that wish to pop out from time to time in order to learn. You are all welcome to share your views and discuss in a polite and respectful manner. There isn’t a right or wrong way to read or interpret the cards, there’s only a “your way” which you should follow. We just happen to think a like sometimes and others disagree, but that’s the purpose of learning to contrast the options and pick what fits best to our likings.

My wish for this blog is to create a space of learning and exchange regarding the use of these 2 decks and others, since that’s where the “Et al” (Latin : and others) comes in. I’m fairly new to this whole blog ordeal, so I’ll try to give out the best while I learn what goes where, how and why.

 Any comments! requests! doubt! congratulations and complaints are all welcome! Always in a respectful manner. We are all learning here.

PS.  Personal readings aren’t available.



One Response to “About The Site”

  1. Welcome!
    Wishing you an exciting journey with your new blog. Thank you for sharing your insights about the Sibilla cards – SQ

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